To the customers / vendors / partners of Unique Truck Equipment,

Unique Truck Equipment (UTE) remains committed during Covid-19 to serve our customers in the trucking and transportation industries who support our country every day by delivering and shipping the necessary products to keep our country safe and healthy.   Our products have been deemed necessary to support Critical Infrastructure. Therefore we remain open and continue to supply you with the necessary tools and equipment to do your important job.

While we take our role seriously, we also refuse to sacrifice the safety of our employees therefore have instructed most of our team-members to work from home.   Our warehouse remains open to send and receive shipments Monday-Friday.  However due to the fact that we are operating with limited on-site staff, order processing may take longer than normal.  Please allow an extra 1-2 days beyond the normal timeframe before inquiring on the status of your order.

Our priority is to get every order out the door in a timely fashion our secondary goal is to follow up with customers who have entrusted us with an order.

Some of our suppliers (toolboxes in particular) are experiencing considerable delays before an order is shipped.  We understand this is an inconvenience, and we apologize for the delay, however we ask for your patience and cooperation as we work to serve you.     If you have something considered urgent we are prioritizing next-day-air and 2nd-day-air orders.

We salute those who are on the front lines working to protect our citizens and to the drivers who supply our country with the necessary food and household goods to keep our infrastructure intact.

We're in this together.  We appreciate your understanding and your support.

Ryan DeWard
Unique Truck Equipment