A message from the President of Unique Truck Equipment:  (dated 3-23-20)

To the customers / vendors / partners of Unique Truck Equipment,

Unique Truck Equipment (UTE) remains committed to our customers in the trucking and transportation industries who support our country every day by delivering and shipping the necessary products to keep our country safe and healthy.   UTE has been contacted by a number of companies, including the U.S. Department of Defense, Homeland Security and various manufacturers.  Our products have been deemed necessary to support Critical Infrastructure. Therefore we remain open and continue to supply you with the necessary tools and equipment to do your important job.

While we take our role seriously we also refuse to sacrifice the safety of our employees for any purpose and therefore have instructed our team-members to work from home as much as reasonably possible. 88% of our workforce is now working remotely and will continue to do so until it is safe for them to return to the office. The remaining on-site staff will continue to practice proper health and hygiene habits as well as maintaining a safe distance from one another.   Our warehouse remains open to send and receive shipments Monday-Friday.

Our remote staff remains willing and ready to serve our customers and will do so with the same level of excellence and professionalism you are accustomed to receiving. 

Thank you for your support.

Ryan DeWard
Unique Truck Equipment


UPDATE AS OF 3-25-20

Already we are making a difference to support those on the front lines.  An ambulance repair shop in New Jersey contacted us this week "after hours"  requesting an urgent shipment go out Next Day Air.  We were able to accommodate and their note of appreciation is shown below.  UTE is proud to support the country in its efforts to help the most vulnerable.  And I am proud of our employees who are going the extra mile to provide that service.

Ryan DeWard

Unique Truck Equipment


Thank you, your staff, and “chat person”. Your service, courtesy and personal engagement was as good as it gets. Amazon has its place, but I will be a loyal customer checking your site for any future needs. You have restored my faith in human kindness while conducting business.

V. M.    3-24-20