Deckmate RDM-5 Rub Rail Ladder

Part Number: 12785
Price: $445.00
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The Deckmate Ladder is a family-owned business that has been providing professional drivers with reliable flatbed step ladders since 2002. The Deckmate RDM-5 Rub Rail Ladder offers flatbed trailer access, features durable steel construction, and has a 400-pound capacity. This lightweight, less-than-20-pound flatbed trailer ladder extends to 53 inches and folds to a compact 33 inches for easy storage.

On flatbed trailers, the Deckmate RDM-5 hooks to the rub rails and will not slide, tip or blow over in the wind. A bolt-on bracket can be easily installed for vans, straight trucks, and dump trucks without rub rails. The bracket is set 2-1/2” from the trailers and does not affect doors or deck plates.

This Deckmate flatbed truck ladder hooks securely to rub rails and includes anti-skid steps and rubber stoppers to prevent injuries, maintain quality, and improve all-around safety. Powder-coated for durability and equipped with reflective markers; this rub rail ladder is a reliable choice for heavy-duty truck drivers. Browse our truck step and safety ladder section to finish your fleet’s unloading and loading setup.

RDM-5 Uses:

  • Accessing flatbed trailers
  • Folding for convenient storage and transport
  • Improving driver safety during loading and unloading
  • Providing a stable, non-slip platform for working on trailers

RDM-5 Specs:

  • 18” overall width
  • 33” folded length
  • 53” overall length
  • 400 lb capacity
  • Weighs less than 20 lbs

RDM-5 Advantages:

  • Anti-skid steps for safety
  • Easily hooks to rub rail of flatbed trailers
  • Features a convenient working angle and includes a grab handle for added leverage
  • Fits all flatbed trailers/vehicles without rub rails by using the mounting bracket (P/N 127RDM2) attachment
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Powder-coated for durability
  • Reflective markers enhance visibility in low-light conditions for additional safety
  • Rubber stoppers prevent pinching and snagging

Flatbed Truck Ladder FAQs

Q: What are the benefits of using a rub rail ladder?

A: A rub rail ladder provides enhanced safety and convenience for accessing different areas of a truck. A rub rail is a protective strip mounted along the side of a flatbed trailer, preventing damage. The RDM-5 ladder attaches securely to the rub rails of your trailer, offering stable and easy access. The lightweight, portable design makes it convenient for fleets that are often on the move.

Q: Which safe practices should you follow when using a truck ladder?

A: A truck ladder should always be securely attached to the trailer’s rub rail or designated mounting points. Inspect the ladder for any damage or misalignment before use. Wear non-slip footwear when using this flatbed step ladder and maintain contact and stability while climbing. Avoid overreaching to prevent falls.