Service Jacks

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FastJack 10 Ton Capacity Floor Jack
Part Number: 71000D
Price: $2,266.80
Floor Service Jack 20 Ton
Part Number: 72220A
Price: $3,544.80
2 Ton Capacity Double Pump Floor Jack
Part Number: 71233B
Price: $322.80
3 Ton Capacity Lightweight Floor Jack
Part Number: 71331
Price: $413.40
3-1/2 Ton Capacity SUV Service Jack
Part Number: 71335
Price: $426.40
5 Ton Capacity FastJack Floor Jack
Part Number: 71500G
Price: $1,354.80
Mahle - CAJ-25 - 25 ton Commercial Vehicle Axle Jack
Part Number: 485 80051 00
Price: $2,136.00
Mahle - CAJ-25LP - 25 ton Commercial Vehicle Axle Jack - Large Pad
Part Number: 485 80053 00
Price: $2,355.00
Mahle - CAJ-25S - 25 ton Commercial Vehicle Axle Jack - Short Handle
Part Number: 485 80052 00
Price: $2,130.00
Mahle - CAJ-35 - 35 ton Commercial Vehicle Axle Jack
Part Number: 485 80054 00
Price: $3,745.00
YAK Jack, Air/Hydraulic, 4 Stage (88/55/28/17 Ton), Low Profile
Part Number: 92010
Price: $3,619.95
1.5 Ton Aluminum/Steel Hybrid Service Jack
Part Number: OME26017
Price: $270.61
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Service Jacks & Extension Saddles

Browse Unique Truck Equipment’s selection of service jacks, including various low profile jacks, to meet your maintenance demands. Service jacks are heavy-duty hydraulic or pneumatic tools designed to lift trucks (plus construction and agricultural equipment) for servicing.

A low profile floor jack is compact enough to fit under vehicles with minimal ground clearance and, despite the size, offers stability to support the vehicle securely. You’ll also find the lightest floor jacks available. A lightweight floor jack is ideal for roadside service but is equally valuable in a garage. Search service and low profile hydraulic jacks with capacities from 2 to 20 tons as well as commercial vehicle axle jacks that hold up to 35 tons.

Speed up your tasks and let the low-profile hydraulic jack do the heavy lifting. Some air pump models are designed for manual operation, ensuring precise control. Norco’s FastJack possesses a unique feature that effortlessly raises the jack with a single pump, saving you time and effort.

Trust us to provide the best choices for low profile jacks, vehicle lighting, truck parts, and additional products that help your fleet meet safety standards and remain in top-notch condition for the travels ahead.