Smoke Machines

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Bosch SMT300 Smoke Tester
Part Number: BOSSMT500
Price: $1,713.29
Professional Auto Pipline Smoke Leak Detector Diagnostic Tool - ThinkCar PLD 212
Part Number: PLD 212
Price: $499.95
Smoke Refill F/6525 16OZ.
Part Number: OTCP-0716-UV
Price: $101.54
UltraTraceUV Smoke Solution 16 oz Bottle
Part Number: VCTP0716UV
Price: $113.98
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Automotive Smoke Machines & Smoke Testers

Automotive smoke machines, smoke testers, and related diagnostic tools and products, such as pressure regulators and smoke refills, are designed to detect leaks or faults in a vehicle’s air or exhaust systems. Because these systems are critical for engine performance and emissions control, testing them often and when there are issues or confirming functionality during standard tune-ups is important. Not limited to heavy-duty trucks, you can also use these smoke machines for cars. Keep your vehicle optimization moving forward with our battery chargers and testers.

Automotive smoke testers, smoke machines, and diagnostic smoke leak detection systems dispatch non-harmful smoke, often dyed for better visibility, into the system being tested. By introducing smoke into air intake, exhaust, turbochargers, and other components and systems, technicians can quickly identify any issues that may be present and then take the necessary steps to repair them.

Explore the options for automotive smoke leak detectors to avoid frustration and handle it quickly. At Unique Truck Equipment, we offer innovative products and solutions for every trucking industry need because your fleet deserves nothing less.