Quick Changer Oil Drain Plug - 27mm - 2.0

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Changing the oil on commercial trucks can be dangerous, messy, and time-consuming, but not with this ingenious quick drain oil drain plug! The Quick Changer Oil Drain Plug transforms every vehicle into a “Quick Changer” vehicle, eliminating these hassles. Waiting for the engine to cool wastes valuable time, and spilled hot oil can cause burns and messes.

For a far superior oil plug replacement, swap out your standard oil drain plugs with this innovative oil drain valve system. Need a different size? Search our oil drain plug section for what you require. If you’re unsure, filter by engine make.

Our quick drain oil drain plug doesn’t need any special tools and can be installed in minutes. Once installed, you can drain the oil quickly and easily, even when the engine is hot, resulting in a cleaner flush. Simply connect the drain hose to the valve to open it automatically and disconnect it to close. This quick-release oil drain plug system also prevents stripped oil-pan threads, extending the lifespan of your oil pans.

Complete your setup with a Quick Changer Drain Hose Assembly, available in small and large sizes, as well as with a 90-degree elbow for additional convenience. Enhance your maintenance routine with must-have shop tools and equipment, tire and wheel, or diagnostic tools.

Quick Changer Oil Drain Plug Advantages:

  • Available in metric & U.S. sizes for all engines
  • Corrosion-resistant brass valve & drain assembly
  • Drains oil faster than conventional drain plugs
  • Draws oil samples quickly & easily with complete oil flow control
  • Eliminates stripped threads & frozen drain plugs
  • Leak-proof design prevents accidental valve openings
  • Meets rigorous independent test lab standards
  • Safe, clean, environmentally-friendly operation

Engine Oil Drain Plug FAQs

Q: How do I know if the oil drain plug is bad?

A: A bad oil drain plug may show signs of oil leakage around the plug area, indicating a poor seal. Additionally, difficulty in tightening or loosening the plug: stripped threads or visible damage to the plug itself can signal it’s time for a replacement. You’ll have no more stripped-out oil pans when switching to the Quick Changer! As with any truck parts, regular inspections, particularly during oil changes, can aid in identifying issues early.

Q: Is the Quick Changer Oil Drain Plug better than a regular drain plug?

A: Yes, the Quick Changer Oil Drain Plug offers significant advantages over regular drain plugs. It features an integrated valve mechanism allowing easy and clean oil changes without removing the plug. The quick-release oil drain plug design reduces the risk of spills, prevents thread stripping, and facilitates faster oil changes even with hot engines.

  • Cummins Signature Series, ISX, QSX15
  • Detroit Diesel 2000 (V8 & V12), 4000 Series
  • Detroit Diesel DD-13, DD-15, DD-16
  • Hino DS50, EP100, EL100, EM100, E13C
  • International Maxxforce 11 & 13 engines
  • International Maxxforce 15 (Pre-2012)
  • Mack MP-10
  • Volvo D-16 Engine