Hydraulic Hoses

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10 Foot Hydrualic Hose
Part Number: 910036A
Price: $175.50
6-1/2 Foot Hydraulic Hose
Part Number: 910035A
Price: $120.90
8ft Hydraulic Hose with Coupler for ESCO Hydraulics
Part Number: ESC10604
Price: $79.95
Cylinder Side Coupler
Part Number: 910038A
Price: $45.00
Enerpac GA45GC 45 Degree Angled Gauge Adapter Assembly
Part Number: GA45GC
Price: $356.00
Enerpac HC7206 Thermo-plastic High Pressure Hydraulic Hose 6 ft.
Part Number: HC7206
Price: $241.00
Flow Control Valve
Part Number: 910100B
Price: $67.60
Quick Connect Hydraulic Coupler - Pump Side
Part Number: 910037A
Price: $40.50
Simplex High Pressure 10' Hose
Part Number: HCA10
Price: $261.00
Simplex High Pressure 6' Hose
Part Number: HCA6
Price: $193.00
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High-Pressure Hydraulic Hose FAQs

Q: What is the difference between hydraulic tubing and hoses?

A: Hydraulic tubing and hoses both serve similar functions in transporting fluids. However, there are significant differences in construction, flexibility, and heat allowances. Tubing is usually made of metal and can’t handle high-pressure fluid handling. It’s ideal for use where direct, straight lines are possible due to inflexibility. A hydraulic hose is made of rubber and can handle high-pressure fluid transfer in systems. It’s most helpful where movement and bending are necessary because it is flexible and reinforced.

Q: Does the length of a hose affect hydraulic pressure, and how do I know which length to choose?

A: Yes, the length of a hydraulic hose can affect hydraulic pressure. Longer hoses can potentially result in pressure drops due to friction. Choose the correct length by measuring the distance between the system connection points. Add a margin for movement and flexibility, but opt for the shortest length that comfortably spans the distance, as this minimizes pressure loss and improves the system’s efficiency.

Q: How do I choose the right hydraulic hose for my fleet’s trucks?

A: When selecting a hydraulic hose, consider the system’s pressure requirements and the hose’s length to ensure compatibility with your equipment. High-pressure options are necessary for high-performance systems. Additionally, factor in the hose’s flexibility, compatibility with hydraulic fluids, temperature range, and the types of fittings needed for performance and safety.

Hydraulic Hoses & Hydraulic Pump Hose Accessories

Browse Unique Truck Equipment’s selection of durable hydraulic hoses for use with hydraulic pumps, along with related accessories like hydraulic hose couplings. A quality high-pressure hydraulic hose is critical because of the hydraulic fluid under high pressure from the truck’s hydraulic pump to various components of the hydraulic system, such as brakes, steering mechanisms, or lifting equipment.

Our premium hoses are constructed with multiple layers of reinforced heavy-duty rubber to withstand the system’s pressure demands. These hydraulic pump hoses are designed to be flexible yet durable enough to handle the intense pressure and vibrations typical in fleet operations.

Our selection of hydraulic hoses includes standard and high-pressure options extending up to 10 feet. To meet your specific needs, you’ll find options to buy truck pumps and hoses together or separately. Shop hydraulic hoses, couplings, gauges, and premium hydraulic oil to keep your fleet maintained and ready to roll. We also have your additional fluid handling and lifting equipment needs covered. Unique Truck Equipment is here to help keep your vehicles running smoothly.