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About the NEXIQ Technologies Brand

With over 20 years of expertise, NEXIQ Technologies™ is a trusted leader in transportation diagnostics and I.T. solutions for the commercial vehicle market. NEXIQ’s quality products are indispensable due to their usability and accuracy. NEXIQ continues to develop advanced diagnostic tools and software to meet the demands of modern fleets. NEXIQ eTechnician software, scan tools, adapters, and additional tech offerings provide precise diagnostics and connectivity essential for efficient maintenance and troubleshooting. Fleet operators count on NEXIQ for front-to-back fleet care.

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Meritor WABCO Toolbox Plus Software
Part Number: 820023-12M
Price: $395.00
Navistar Engine Diagnostics (NED) OEM Software  - 12 Month License
Part Number: 828009
Price: $699.00
NEXIQ eTechnician 2.8 Heavy Duty Trucks Diagnostic Software
Part Number: 859000
Price: $2,225.00
NEXIQ GM/Ford/Chrysler Truck Pro-Link Graphiq Cartridge
Part Number: 201048
Price: $200.00
NEXIQ HD/LMT DPF Software for Pocket HD
Part Number: 917022
Price: $425.00
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NEXIQ eTechnician & Diagnostic Software

Unique Truck Equipment is an authorized dealer of the NEXIQ Technologies™ brand. We provide the NEXIQ software used in heavy-duty fleet operations. Find your required NEXIQ diagnostic software, NEXIQ accessories, NEXIQ adapters, NEXIQ scan tools, and NEXIQ USB links. Browse our comprehensive selection of products like NEXIQ eTechnician software, which supplies the data and support needed to stay competitive in today’s trucking industry.

You will also discover essential NEXIQ device tester software and NEXIQ diagnostic software for specific vehicles and scan tools, such as the Pocket HD tool. NEXIQ software enhances fleet diagnostics and maintenance. The eTechnician software and related products work together to help fleet managers and technicians facilitate repair processes and troubleshoot issues. Explore our NEXIQ Technologies™ section for the vital diagnostic and electronic tools that maximize your fleet’s uptime.