Breakout Boxes

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DG Technologies 9/15/25-pin Breakout Box
Part Number: DG-HD-BOX
Price: $267.77
DG Technologies OBDII Breakout Box
Part Number: DG-OBDII-BOX
Price: $177.97
CAN Test Box
Part Number: OTC3415
Price: $303.03
CanDo OBD Aid Diagnostic Breakout Box
Part Number: OBDAid
Price: $299.95
Drew Technologies J1939 Breakout Box
Part Number: CBL-J1939BB-01
Price: $450.00
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Automotive Breakout Boxes & CAN Test Boxes

When it comes to electronic and diagnostic tools and capabilities in commercial heavy-duty trucking, having both a breakout box and CAN test box are must-haves for troubleshooting and testing electronic systems in vehicles.

Automotive breakout boxes help to diagnose electrical systems. Our selection includes various options for connection flexibility with data shown through LED lighting. Our easy-to-use diagnostic breakout boxes make it easy to perform a diagnostic safety check to test, log, or debug anywhere and anytime.

Auto CAN test boxes diagnose issues within the Controller Area Network, the communication network used for real-time data exchange between electronic control units. Buy our CAN test box, which connects leads for increased diagnosis, analysis, and monitoring, checks power and ground circuits, and offers an alarm warning when voltage drops below 11.6v or rises above 15.2v.

Unique Truck Equipment has the CAN and breakout boxes your fleet relies on. Keep your trucks in good condition and ready for the long trips ahead by checking out our battery chargers and testers, too.