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Jacks and Lifting Equipment

Find in-demand hydraulic jacks or lifting equipment for your heavy-duty fleet needs at Unique Truck Equipment. Getting underneath your truck or semi is essential to making the necessary repairs, but you also need equipment that can support your fleet and last forever. With the right jacks and lifting equipment, work becomes more efficient and secure, ensuring additional safety for your team.

For the appropriate heavy-duty semi truck jacks you need in your garage, browse our selection of air bag jacks, air or hydraulic jacks, bottle jacks, air lift jacks, engine or truck jack stands, heavy-duty transmission jacks, pallet jacks, and more from leading brands like Meyer Hydraulics, Norco, and Emerson.

For heavy-duty lifting equipment, check out our cranes, dump braces or body safety stands, forklift extensions, wheel dollies, and more. Additionally, we offer essential truck tools like shop presses, porta powers, ram cylinders, clutch and flywheel tools, and more from top brands like Kiene, MAHLE, and OTC. Facilitate efficient truck maintenance and repairs with products and help from Unique Truck. Explore our extensive range of products, including mobile and stationary solutions for heavy-duty truck construction, maintenance, and repairs.