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Truck Tool and Equipment FAQs

Q: What are the must-have auto shop tools and equipment?

A: Specific tools are indispensable for any heavy-duty truck or auto shop aiming for efficiency and quality service. Essential trucking tools and equipment include air compressors for powering tools, parts washers for cleaning, creeper seats for low-level task comfort, drill presses for precision work, vises for securing parts, hand and platform trucks for moving heavy items, and tie-downs for secure transport. These core items aid in high-quality maintenance and repairs.

Q: What specialized equipment does Unique Truck carry?

A: Unique Truck’s inventory includes specialized tools and equipment, such as underground detectors for locating buried utility lines and headlight equipment for precision alignment and testing. Upgrading your shop’s capabilities in specific vehicle maintenance areas unlocks possibilities and keeps your fleet operating proficiently.

Q: Can I find manual and hydraulic pullers at Unique Truck?

A: Yes, Unique Truck Equipment offers an extensive selection of truck tools, including pullers, carrying both manual and hydraulic. Our pullers are designed for various applications, from simple bearing pulling tasks to more complex heavy-duty truck maintenance procedures, ensuring you have the right tool for any job.

Truck Equipment & Auto Shop Tools

Explore shop tools and equipment your garage requires at Unique Truck Equipment. Our range of high-quality truck equipment and tools is curated to meet the diverse needs of auto, fleet garages, and heavy-duty truck maintenance when on the road. Whether servicing a commercial fleet or tending to personal automotive projects, our comprehensive selection guarantees you have the right tool for every job.

Our product range spans essential shop tools and equipment, including air compressors, carts, pullers, strapping equipment, and underground detectors to increase operational efficiency. Explore our trucking tools and equipment to find the fundamental supplies your fleet needs to thrive. Shop confidently, knowing every Unique Truck Equipment purchase also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.