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100 Series Autoranging Automotive Multimeter
Part Number: OTC3505A
Price: $264.77
550 Series Auto Ranging Multimeter Kit
Part Number: OTC3940-HD
Price: $311.24
Automotive Digital Multimeter Kit
Part Number: KAS13803
Price: $81.45
CAT IV Wireless Clamp
Part Number: KAS13810
Price: $425.68
CAT-IV 600V Rugged Digital Multimeter
Part Number: PPRPPDMM
Price: $157.63
Deluxe DMM With Amp Shutters
Part Number: ESI582
Price: $81.43
Digital Engine Analyzer/Multimeter
Part Number: ESI385A
Price: $70.26
FSA 050 Hybrid Insulation Tester
Part Number: BOS0684010050480
Price: $256.89
Intermittent Short Finder and Short Circuit Finder
Part Number: SGT25300
Price: $70.85
Labscope/Graphing Multimeter/Code Reader
Part Number: UEIADL7103
Price: $1,759.62
Maintenance Multimeter
Part Number: APB35XP-A
Price: $281.34
MMD540H Hybrid Multimeter
Part Number: BOSF00E900101
Price: $313.81
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