Amp Meters and Probes

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1000 Amp DC/AC High Current Probe
Part Number: ESI698
Price: $122.20
1000 Amp Probe Digital Multimeter
Part Number: ESI655
Price: $186.92
Current Clamp Probe to 2000Amps for Multimeters
Part Number: OTC3500-01
Price: $270.16
Current Probe Multimeter
Part Number: ESI685
Price: $181.38
Digital Multimeter AMP Probe
Part Number: EPI3347
Price: $190.30
Low Current Clamp Meter
Part Number: APBLH41A
Price: $890.15
Low Current Probe for Graphing Meters, Scopes and DMM's
Part Number: ESI695
Price: $149.48
Low Current Probe/Digital Multimeter
Part Number: ESI687
Price: $189.91
Mid and High-Range Amp Probe
Part Number: OTC3174
Price: $492.12
PDF40 Portable Digital Amp Clamp/Meter
Part Number: MIDAMP100
Price: $344.58
Perception/Vision Low Amp CI
Part Number: OTC3820-06
Price: $247.71
Power Probe III Clamshell Camo
Price: $139.78
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