Diagnostic Software for PC

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NEXIQ eTechnician 2.8 Heavy Duty Trucks Diagnostic Software
Part Number: 859000
Price: $2,225.00
Jaltest Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics Kit
Part Number: TRI-CV-SWA
Price: $7,705.00
Jaltest Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics Kit W/ Panasonic FZ-55
Part Number: TRI-CV-FKIT
Price: $10,230.00
Bosch® ESI Truck Multi-Brand Heavy Duty Diagnostic System for PC
Part Number: 3824BSC
Price: $8,492.85
AutoEnginuity PC-based Scan Tool (ST06-USB)
Part Number: ST06-USB
Price: $259.95
AutoEnginuity ProLine Scan Tool Bundle (SP01)
Part Number: 33201
Price: $1,199.95
AutoEnginuity SP03+ Total Ford +  Bundle
Part Number: SP03+
Price: $585.00
Allison DOC Premium
Part Number: 90510
Price: $1,300.00
Cummins Insite Lite Software Subscription
Part Number: 31125
Price: $1,250.00
Meritor WABCO Toolbox Plus Software
Part Number: 820023-12M
Price: $395.00
Navistar Diamond Logic Builder OEM Software
Part Number: 828005
Price: $750.00
Navistar Engine Diagnostics (NED) OEM Software  - 12 Month License
Part Number: 828009
Price: $699.00
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Diagnostic Software for PC Featured Brands

Truck DiagnosticSoftware FAQs

Q: What diagnostic capabilities does the software provide?

A: Each kit or software set contains unique functions and features. However, heavy-duty truck diagnostic software generally provides a broad range of diagnostic tools for monitoring and analyzing critical systems like engine performance, transmission, brakes, electrical, and emissions controls. Its advanced features include fault code reading, real-time data streaming, component testing, and service routines, allowing fleet managers to efficiently tackle various maintenance and repair needs.

Q: Can the software be integrated with existing fleet management systems?

A: Most heavy-duty truck diagnostic software integrates smoothly with fleet management systems, streamlining workflows by combining diagnostic data with vehicle location, fuel usage, and maintenance schedules. However, integration varies, so it is recommended that you check product descriptions to ensure compatibility with your setup.

Q: What are the most common OBD-II codes?

A: The most common OBD-II codes relate to the engine and emissions systems. These include P0420 (Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold), P0171 (System Too Lean), P0300 (Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected), P0455 (Evaporative Emission Control System Leak Detected), and P0446 (Evaporative Emission Control System Vent Control Circuit Malfunction). OBD codes indicate issues ranging from fuel mixture problems to faults in the evaporative emissions system.

Semi-Truck Diagnostic Software

Unique Truck Equipment carries state-of-the-art heavy-duty truck diagnostic software that helps improve and speed up maintenance and repairs for heavy-duty trucks or heavy equipment. With this range of heavy-duty truck software for PCs from popular brands like Cojali, NEXIQ, and Noregon, choose what you require for accurate diagnostics and repairs within your fleet.

Diagnostic software reduces downtime, enhances troubleshooting, and increases productivity. Keep efficiency rolling with invaluable battery chargers and testers, air conditioning devices, and additional specialty auto tools. Heavy equipment diagnostic software can help you gain in-depth insights into vehicle health to help your fleet operate at its peak.

With this many diagnostic and electronic solutions at your fingertips, securing a competitive edge is effortless. Most truck diagnostic software is compatible with existing systems and heavy-duty vehicles, but it’s important to confirm before selecting. From must-have maintenance tools to essential safety supplies, Unique Truck Equipment provides all the essentials to keep your trucks rolling safely and smoothly.