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Tiger Tool 70129 FIH Hydraulic Pump 10,000 PSI 6 ft Hose
Part Number: 70129
Price: $785.99
Tiger Tool 70130 Hydraulic Pump 10,000 PSI 12 ft. Hose & Gauge
Part Number: 70130
Price: $836.99
10,000 PSI 2 Gallon Air/Hydraulic Foot Pump
Part Number: 910140
Price: $605.07
10,000 PSI Air/Hydraulic Foot Pump, 2 Gallon - Steel Case
Part Number: 910018B
Price: $1,196.82
10,000 PSI Air/Hydraulic Pump with Aluminum Reservoir
Part Number: 910130A
Price: $375.70
10,000 PSI Electro/Hydraulic Pump
Part Number: 910052A
Price: $2,061.80
10,000 PSI Electro/Hydraulic Pump
Part Number: 910019B
Price: $4,168.80
2 Gal Air Hydraulic Pump w/Steel Reservoir
Part Number: 15940
Price: $804.00
2 Gal Turbo II Air Hydraulic Pump
Part Number: AME15040
Price: $1,112.00
2.5 Qt. Air Hydraulic Pump w/Aluminum Reservoir, 10,000 PSI
Part Number: 15905
Price: $468.00
2.5 Qt. Air Hydraulic Pump w/Aluminum Reservoir, 5,500 PSI
Part Number: 15906
Price: $468.00
2.5 Qt. Air Hydraulic Pump, with high Density Polyethlene Reservoir
Part Number: 15900
Price: $636.00
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Hydraulic Pump Featured Brands

Heavy-Duty Trunk Pump FAQs

Q: What types of hydraulic pumps are best for heavy-duty truck maintenance?

A: Select hydraulic pumps with high PSI capacities and durable reservoirs for heavy-duty maintenance, like our 10,000 PSI models. Look for features that match your specific needs, such as corrosion resistance for longevity and two-speed designs for faster operation.

Q: How do I know what size hydraulic pump I need for a heavy-duty truck?

A: To select the appropriate hydraulic pump size for a heavy-duty truck, calculate the system’s required flow rate and pressure and consider the operational speed and volume needed. Opt for a hydraulic pump that exceeds these requirements slightly to compensate for any efficiency losses. You will also want to factor in potential system expansions. Your chosen pump should deliver adequate power without excessive energy consumption or inefficiency.

Q: What safety features should I consider in hydraulic pumps for fleet operations?

A: Safety features are paramount. Look for hydraulic pumps with built-in pressure relief valves to prevent over-pressurization and ensure pumps have a sturdy, leak-proof construction. Models like our air/hydraulic power units are designed with internal relief settings and dust cover protection for control valves, offering enhanced safety during operation.

Hydraulic Pumps & Truck Pump Accessories

Keep your fleet moving efficiently with Unique Truck Equipment’s selection of hydraulic pumps, including high-performance 10,000 PSI hydraulic pumps and related accessories. Truck pumps power critical components like cylinders, motors, and valves.

Explore our complete range of hydraulic pumps for trucks, including manual and hydraulic hand pumps and foot pumps. Our hydro pumps come in various reservoir materials, such as aluminum, steel, plastic, or high-density polyethylene, with capacities of up to 2 gallons. Browse our selection of hydraulic hoses and couplers to attach to your pump of choice, as well as the option to buy truck pumps and hoses together.

Outside of essential hydraulic pumps, find related truck accessories like gauges and premium hydraulic oil to have everything you need for these systems in your garage. Make sure you have the best jacks and lifting equipment, too. Shop Unique Truck Equipment and experience the difference in quality and durability that keeps your trucks on the road.