Transmission Jacks

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AFF Transmission Jack 4400 LB
Part Number: 3180A
Price: $1,613.10
Meyer Low Profile Transmission Jack TTJ3 - 1.5 Ton
Part Number: 16200
Price: $2,598.98
1 Ton Under Hoist Air/Hydraulic Transmission Stand
Part Number: 72701A
Price: $2,106.00
1 Ton Under Hoist Truck Transmission Jack
Part Number: 72700A
Price: $1,732.39
1/2 Ton Air/Hyd. Telescopic Trans. Jack - FASTJACK
Part Number: 72450B
Price: $1,608.00
1/2 Ton Hydraulic Transmission Jack
Part Number: 72050E
Price: $631.96
1/2 ton Telescopic Double Pump Transmission Jack
Part Number: 72550B
Price: $1,170.00
1/2 ton Telescopic Single Pump Transmission Jack
Part Number: 72500E
Price: $1,098.00
1-1/2 Ton Capacity Truck Transmission Jack
Part Number: 72000EI
Price: $1,650.00
1-1/2 Ton Hydraulic Truck Transmission Jack
Part Number: 72000E
Price: $2,352.00
1-1/2 Ton Truck Transmission Jack Wide Chassis Opening
Part Number: 72025
Price: $2,357.04
3/4 Ton Air/Hyd. Telescopic Transmission Jack - FASTJACK
Part Number: 72475A
Price: $2,177.50
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Transmission Jack Featured Brands

Semi Transmission Jack FAQs

Q: What capacities do transmission jacks come in, and how do I choose the right one?

A: When selecting the suitable capacity, consider the weight of the transmissions you plan to lift. A 1-ton transmission jack is typically adequate for a standard, light-duty vehicle, and a 2-ton transmission jack is recommended for a heavy-duty semi-truck transmission.

Q: How do hydraulic transmission jacks differ from manual ones?

A: Hydraulic transmission jacks provide easier lifting and greater stability by using hydraulic fluid pressure to raise and lower a transmission. Mechanics often prefer this due to reducing physical strain and improving precision. Manual jacks can be less expensive but require more labor and are best suited for lighter or less frequent uses.

Q: What are the benefits of a low-profile transmission jack?

A: Low-profile transmission jacks are ideal for working with vehicles with lower ground clearance. This type of jack is most often used for trucks with low chassis for less chance of damage to the vehicle and safer, more manageable maintenance and repair servicing for the technician.

Heavy-Duty Transmission Jacks

Improve your fleet’s maintenance capabilities with top-rated heavy-duty transmission jacks at Unique Truck Equipment. Our extensive range of jacks and lifting equipment includes everything from low-profile to high-lift models for use with semi-trucks, buses, or large machinery. Choose from hydraulic or manual jacks with capacities of up to 2 tons to provide safe and hassle-free maintenance.

There are many different types of transmission jacks, and what you need the jack for is going to determine which one is best for your shop. Hydraulic transmission jacks are necessary for the smooth lifting and handling of heavy transmissions from semi-trucks. Low-lift and low-profile transmission jacks are best used for tasks with limited clearance. Telescopic versions are used to provide adjustable lifting heights and improved reach.

Under-hoist transmission jacks provide stability and precision under vehicle hoists, which are essential for safer servicing. We also offer hydraulic transmission stands and kits for convenient installation and removal, streamlining your maintenance processes. No matter what you need, our selection can provide you with the perfect equipment.

Whether you want a basic model or a more substantial double pump system with lever functionality, Unique Truck Equipment has the right transmission jack to keep your fleet running smoothly. Shop this collection, bottle jacks, service jacks, and any other required equipment for reliable, high-quality options that fit your fleet’s needs. Shop our selection of transmission jack adapters to ensure a perfect fit for any transmission model.