Bottle Jacks

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Emerson  15 Ton Hydraulic/Air Jack
Part Number: MO-15
Price: $1,790.00
Emerson  25 Ton Hydraulic/Air Jack
Part Number: MO-25FS
Price: $1,970.00
Bottle Jack 12T, Short Body
Part Number: 3514
Price: $73.13
Esco 25 Ton Support Plate
Part Number: 10752
Price: $124.95
100 Ton Aluminum Jack
Part Number: AME13000
Price: $1,924.00
1-1/2 Ton Long Hand Jack
Part Number: 76402B
Price: $245.73
12 Ton Air Operated Hydraulic Bottle Jack
Part Number: 76312B
Price: $381.00
12 Ton Bottle Jack
Part Number: 3512
Price: $76.97
12-1/2 Ton Bottle Jack
Part Number: 76412B
Price: $129.60
12-1/2 Ton Bottle Jack with Gauge Hole
Part Number: 76412BG
Price: $150.30
12-1/2 Ton Capacity Low Height Bottle Jack
Part Number: 76512B
Price: $130.00
2 Ton Capacity Bottle Jack
Part Number: 76502B
Price: $70.81
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Hydraulic Bottle Jack & Parts

Upgrade your truck maintenance game with the versatility of a hydraulic bottle jack. A bottle jack is a compact powerhouse resembling a bottle used for heavy-duty lifting tasks. At Unique Truck Equipment, we have the perfect bottle jack to meet industry demands.

Whether you're lifting trucks for maintenance, repairs, or a quick tire change, our hydraulic bottle jack selection provides the best products to get the job done efficiently and safely. Choose from a wide range of capacities, from the standard 20-ton bottle jacks to heavy lifters capable of hoisting 100 tons.

Beyond weight, explore our diverse makes and models, featuring air bottle jacks for pneumatic power, low-profile bottle jacks or scissor jacks for precision, long-handled jacks for convenience, telescopic bottle jacks for extra reach, and even bottle jacks with gauge holes for added control.

Don’t forget to browse our assortment of ratchet and planer jacks for tasks that require gradual elevation, along with our range of high-capacity jack plates and gauges for enhanced stability and precision. Unique Truck Equipment has your next hydraulic jack, supplementary accessories, and all the devices, tools, tool storage, and truck equipment you need for successful fleet management.