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Emerson  15 Ton Hydraulic/Air Jack
Part Number: MO-15
Price: $1,790.00
Emerson  25 Ton Hydraulic/Air Jack
Part Number: MO-25FS
Price: $1,970.00
Bottle Jack 12T, Short Body
Part Number: 3514
Price: $73.13
Esco 25 Ton Support Plate
Part Number: 10752
Price: $129.95
100 Ton Aluminum Jack
Part Number: AME13000
Price: $1,924.00
1-1/2 Ton Long Hand Jack
Part Number: 76402B
Price: $245.73
12 Ton Air Operated Hydraulic Bottle Jack
Part Number: 76312B
Price: $381.00
12 Ton Bottle Jack
Part Number: 3512
Price: $76.97
12-1/2 Ton Bottle Jack
Part Number: 76412B
Price: $129.60
12-1/2 Ton Bottle Jack with Gauge Hole
Part Number: 76412BG
Price: $150.30
12-1/2 Ton Capacity Low Height Bottle Jack
Part Number: 76512B
Price: $130.00
2 Ton Capacity Bottle Jack
Part Number: 76502B
Price: $70.81
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Heavy-Duty Bottle Jack FAQs

Q: What are bottle jacks used for in heavy-duty applications?

A: Truck bottle jacks are employed for maintenance and repairs when lifting trucks, buses, and other large vehicles or similar large-scale applications. Due to their compact size and high lifting capacity, they are the most recommended jack for trucks. They make tire changes, brake repairs, and under-vehicle inspections more convenient.

Q: Which bottle jack is best for lifting heavy-duty trucks?

A: A high-capacity bottle jack, typically 20 to 100 tons, is recommended for heavy-duty trucks. Air bottle jacks are also superior for substantial tasks as they provide the additional power needed for lifting larger vehicles swiftly and with less manual effort.

Q: Are bottle jacks stronger than floor jacks?

A: Bottle jacks typically have a higher load capacity ranging up to 50 tons, plus higher lift heights, making them ideal for heavy-duty lifting duties, such as lifting trucks or big machinery. Floor jacks contain a broader base and wheels, which offer better stability and mobility but are suited for general automotive tasks with lighter vehicles. Bottle jacks excel in strength and elevation, but floor jacks provide effortless movement and protection when on uneven surfaces.

Bottle Jacks & Jack Plates for Heavy-Duty Trucks

The versatility of a hydraulic bottle jack opens up a world of possibilities for fleet maintenance and repairs. A bottle jack is named so due to its resemblance to a bottle. It’s a compact powerhouse used for heavy-duty lifting tasks. Explore our diverse selection of bottle jacks at Unique Truck Equipment to find those best suited for your specific industry needs.

Heavy-duty bottle jacks are must-haves for lifting trucks for maintenance, repairs, or quick tire changes. Browse the broad spectrum of capacities, from the standard 20-ton bottle jacks to heavy lifters capable of hoisting 100 tons. Our range provides the best products to get the job done proficiently and safely.

Beyond weight, choose air bottle jacks for pneumatic power, low-profile bottle jacks or scissor jacks for precision, long-handled jacks for convenience, telescopic bottle jacks for extra reach, or bottle jacks with gauge holes for added control.

Browse our assortment of ratchet jacks and planer jacks for tasks that require gradual elevation, along with high-capacity jack plates, support plates, and gauges for improved stability and precision. Unique Truck Equipment has the air/hydraulic jack, supplementary lifting accessories, and all the necessary diagnostic devices, tool storage, and fundamental truck equipment your garage is missing for successful fleet management.

Bottle Jack Type Overview:

  • Air Bottle Jacks: Utilize compressed air for easier and faster routine lifting
  • Bottle Jacks with Gauges: Equipped with a gauge for more precision and safety through pressure monitoring
  • Heavy-Duty Bottle Jacks: Built to handle large capacities, suitable for commercial trucks and industrial equipment
  • High-Lift Bottle Jacks: Used for tasks requiring greater lift height, like hefty machinery.
  • Large Bottle Jacks: Similar to heavy-duty bottle jacks, designed for larger vehicles and equipment
  • Long-Reach Bottle Jacks: Extend further than standard models to reach lifting points on vehicles with distinctive configurations
  • Low-Profile Bottle Jacks: Designed to fit under vehicles with limited clearance
  • Ratchet Jacks: Typically used for lifting, pulling, and spreading; although not technically bottle jacks, they operate under similar principles with different mechanical features
  • Standard Hydraulic Bottle Jacks: Used for general and minor vehicle repairs
  • Tall Bottle Jacks: Taller than standard for a higher lifting range when repairs and maintenance tasks require it
  • Telescopic Bottle Jacks: Feature multiple lifting stages to achieve maximum height