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12 Pin Adapter for NEXIQ USB Link 2 & 3
Part Number: 493003
Price: $72.95
3-Pin Deutsch, 2-Pin Cummins Adapter for NEXIQ USB Link 2 & 3
Part Number: 493033
Price: $183.95
6 And 9 Pin Deutsch "Y" Adapter (1 Meter) for NEXIQ USB Link 1
Part Number: 402048
Price: $255.00
6 to 9-Pin Deutsch Adapter
Part Number: J17086to9
Price: $65.00
9-Pin Caterpillar Adapter W/Thumb Screws for NEXIQ USB Link 1
Part Number: 448015
Price: $138.97
9-Pin Deutsch Adapter (1 Meter) for NEXIQ USB Link 1
Part Number: 402001
Price: $195.00
9-Pin Deutsch Adapter (Locking) for NEXIQ USB Link 2 & 3
Part Number: 493001
Price: $173.95
9-Pin Deutsch Adapter w/ Screw Locks for NEXIQ USB Link 1
Part Number: 442097
Price: $176.95
9-Pin Deutsch Caterpillar T Adapter for NEXIQ USB Link 2 & 3
Part Number: 493014
Price: $198.95
Bendix 7-Pin to 7-Pin Adapter
Part Number: 802165
Price: $167.99
Bosch® 9-Pin Green Adapter Cable for Bosch® ESI 3824
Part Number: 3824-10
Price: $182.43
Bosch® ESI[Truck] Trailer Adapter
Part Number: 3824-06
Price: $740.21
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Truck Diagnostic Cables & Adapters Featured Brands

Heavy-Duty Cable & Adapter FAQs

Q: Can these cables and adapters be used with any brand of diagnostic equipment?

A: While many cables and adapters offer universal compatibility to work with a wide range of diagnostic equipment brands, some are specifically designed for particular brands or models. It’s important to verify compatibility based on the diagnostic tool and truck model you’re working with. Our product descriptions provide this information, or you can contact our customer support team for guidance.

Q: Can I find specialized cables and adapters for older truck models at Unique Truck Equipment?

A: As with most products, it depends on the equipment you need. However, we cater to many truck models, including older fleets. Our inventory includes truck cables and truck adapters designed for both modern and legacy systems to maintain connectivity and diagnostics capabilities.

Q: Are there wireless options available for truck diagnostics and connectivity?

A: Unique Truck Equipment offers a selection of wireless adapters that facilitate Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity between your diagnostic tools and vehicles, like the NEXIQ USB Link 3 Wireless Vehicle Interface. These solutions provide flexibility and ease of use, allowing for diagnostics and monitoring without the physical constraints of wired connections.

Truck Cables & Adapters

The right truck cables and adapters aren’t merely accessories but necessities in the heavy-duty trucking industry. Unique Truck Equipment offers a vast selection of cables and adapters designed to meet the rigorous demands of fleet managers, mechanics, and professional drivers. With products from trusted brands like Cojali, Drew Technologies, and NEXIQ, we provide your fleet with the tools it needs to maintain seamless connectivity and operations.

Our product range includes everything from diagnostic adapters that facilitate accurate vehicle assessments to power cables guaranteeing your equipment stays charged and ready. Shop truck adapters, truck cables, and anything else you require for superior safety and reliability within your operation. Unique Truck Equipment provides everything you need to keep your fleet on the road longer.