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Atlas Garage Pro 8000 EXT-L Extra Tall, Long 4-Post Lift 8,000 lbs.
Part Number: ATEXH-PRO8000EXT-L-FPD
Price: $4,267.07
Atlas Garage Pro 8000 Hobbyist 4-Post Lift 8,000 lb. Capacity
Part Number: ATEXH-PRO8000-FPD
Price: $3,599.00
Atlas LMA Lawn Mower Adapter for 2-Post Lift
Price: $2,299.00
Part Number: ATEAP-PVL15-FPD
Price: $10,599.00
Mahle - 10 Ton Air Lift/Support Stand - Wide Saddle
Part Number: CBJ-10A
Price: $2,191.00
Mahle - CAL-10 - 10 ton Commercial Vehicle Air Lift
Part Number: 485 80120 00
Price: $6,781.00
Mahle - CAL-4 - 8 ton Commercial Vehicle Air Lift
Part Number: 485 80166 00
Price: $6,131.00
Mahle - CLS-15 - 15 Ton Commercial Vehicle Air Lift and Support Stand
Part Number: 485 80018 00
Price: $2,345.00
2500 Lb. Power Train Lift Table
Part Number: 72850A
Price: $5,990.64
3 Ton Capacity Air/Hydraulic Pump Operated Rolling Lift Bridge
Part Number: 79324G
Price: $3,088.80
750 lb. Lawn Mower Lift
Part Number: LARLMLF-750
Price: $422.06
OTC: Engine Support Bar
Part Number: 4324
Price: $203.49
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Heavy-Duty Lift for Truck FAQs

Q: How do I choose the right lift for my fleet’s maintenance needs?

A: Consider the types of vehicles in your fleet, the maintenance tasks you perform most frequently, and the space available in your maintenance facility. For comprehensive undercarriage access, 2-post lifts are ideal. For storage and stability, opt for 4-post lifts. Scissor lifts are excellent for flexibility and space-saving, and motorcycle lifts are designed specifically for that vehicle.

Q: What are the benefits of using a 4- over a 2-post lift for heavy-duty trucks?

A: A 4-post lift offers greater stability and is ideal for storage or long-term maintenance tasks, capable of accommodating larger vehicles with extensive weight capacity and size options. A 2-post lift, while requiring less space, is better suited for quick access to the vehicle’s undercarriage for servicing.

Q: Can scissor lifts accommodate the unique needs of heavy-duty truck maintenance?

A: Yes, scissor lifts are versatile for heavy-duty truck maintenance, offering portable, mid-rise, and full-rise options. Their compact design is perfect for shops with limited space, providing substantial lifting capacity for various maintenance tasks.

Vehicle Lifts for Garages & Heavy Truck Lift Equipment

Unique Truck Equipment is your source for heavy-duty truck lifts & vehicle lifts for garages when you’re on the move. Our stock includes various lifts for trucks and related heavy vehicles, and our vast selection includes essential heavy-duty vehicle and semi-truck lifts, along with the additional supports necessary for raising vehicles or heavy equipment.

Truck lifts can be classified into 3 categories: 2-post lifts, 4-post lifts, and scissor lifts. An overhead 2-post lift accommodates up to 15,000 pounds and is ideal for servicing the undercarriage. A 4-post lift includes extra tall, long, and wide options capable of hoisting up to 9,000 pounds and is often used for longer-term storage and maintenance. A truck scissor lift can hold up to 9,000 pounds and uses a folding, crisscross mechanism to lift vehicles.

We also carry rolling and sliding jacks, no-jack solutions, plus all-terrain vehicle (ATV) and motorcycle lifts. In addition to vehicle lifts for garages and on the road, you’ll also find must-have lifting equipment and accessories. All from trusted brands like Atlas Equipment, Dump-Lok, MAHLE, and Norco Industries.

Supplement your lifting choices with essential accessories like adapters, lift tables, and support bars, improving functionality and safety. Designed with the highest safety standards, your fleet operations will be more secure and efficient with suitable machines. No matter your trucking supply needs, Unique Truck Equipment is here to help make sure your fleet is geared up and set to hit the open road.