Clutch and Fly Wheel

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Kiene Clutch Caddy
Part Number: CC-2000
Price: $925.00
Kiene Clutch Caddy Adapter, Eaton Endurant, 17" Single Disc Clutch and Flywheel
Part Number: CC2072
Price: $198.75
Kiene Clutch Caddy Complete Solution
Part Number: CC-2000-Kit
Price: $4,800.00
Mahle - CCL-300 - 300 lb. Commercial Vehicle Clutch Jack
Part Number: 485 80044 00
Price: $2,235.00
Mahle - CCL-300H - 300 lb. Commercial Vehicle Clutch Jack -  High Rise
Part Number: 485 80048 00
Price: $3,092.00
300 Lb Clutch Jack
Part Number: SUN7790
Price: $1,056.99
Clutch Jack  500 lb Capacity
Part Number: 3700
Price: $811.97
OTC: Truck Clutch & Flywheel Handler
Part Number: 5018A
Price: $1,173.11
Underhoist Clutch Jack 300 Lb. Capacity
Part Number: 72035
Price: $2,022.00
Kiene Auxiliary Case Adapter for Clutch Caddy
Part Number: CC-2056
Price: $415.00
Kiene Brake Drum Adapter for Kiene Clutch Caddy
Part Number: CC-2058
Price: $495.00
Kiene Clutch Caddy Adapter for Eaton 14 Spline Ultrashift Plus
Part Number: CC-2065
Price: $160.00
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Clutch & Flywheel Featured Brands

Clutch & Flywheel FAQs

Q: How do you balance a flywheel and clutch?

A: Balancing a flywheel and clutch is done by spinning them on a balancing machine to detect imbalances. Adjustments, such as adding or removing weights from the flywheel, provide smooth rotation and reduced vibration, enhancing drivetrain performance and longevity.

Q: How long does it take to change the clutch and flywheel?

A: Changing the clutch and flywheel typically takes 5 to 8 hours, depending on the vehicle model and the mechanic’s experience. The process involves removing the transmission to access the clutch and flywheel, replacing them, and then reassembling.

Q: How do clutch and flywheel maintenance tools impact fleet efficiency and safety?

A: Investing in maintenance tools like a clutch caddy and clutch jack enhances fleet efficiency by cutting maintenance time and executing correct repairs. These tools also ensure a safer work environment, reducing technician strain and injury risk during maintenance.

Clutch & Flywheel Tools & Holders

The clutch and flywheel are crucial for a vehicle’s operation because the clutch controls the engine power connections to the drivetrain, and the flywheel secures smooth engine power and delivery. Our collection offers the most in-demand clutch and flywheel kits, tools, caddies, and more, all tailored for these critical parts.

If you want a durable clutch jack to simplify removal or a sturdy flywheel holder for maintenance precision, our product range should have it. For additional specific garage equipment requirements, browse our specialty auto tools. For extra convenience, check out the clutch and flywheel kits, which combine all necessary tools in one convenient package.

Clutch and flywheel tools are designed to meet the demands of fleet managers, independent mechanics, and auto shops. Equip your garage with our top-grade tools, jacks, lifting equipment, and everything else you need to improve your setup. Visit Unique Truck Equipment to experience the improvement in your fleet’s performance and maintenance.