Fuel System

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21MM Bosch® KDEL Nozzle
Part Number: OTC7458
Price: $144.41
Carbon Clean 1000 Fuel System Cleaning and Decarbonizing Service
Part Number: MTT500-0220
Price: $2,124.25
Carbon Clean Dual Fuel System Cleaning Center
Part Number: MTT500-0352
Price: $4,835.51
Carbon Clean Professional Fuel System Service
Part Number: MTT500-0245
Price: $5,626.10
Charged Air Cooler Tester
Part Number: OTC5039
Price: $407.18
Deluxe Fuel Line Replacement Kit
Part Number: SRRKP1500
Price: $491.88
Diesel Fuel Pressure Tester
Part Number: OTC3674
Price: $195.46
Diesel Tester Adapter For 5.9L Cummins
Part Number: SGT35600
Price: $91.99
Ford Injector Remover/Installer Kit
Part Number: OTC6067
Price: $74.27
Fuel Injection Pressure Tester
Part Number: SGT33900
Price: $102.08
Fuel Injection Tester
Part Number: STATU113PB
Price: $58.97
Fuel Injector Cleaning Kit
Part Number: OTC7649A
Price: $460.95
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