Truck Ramps

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Emerson 20 Ton Truck Ramps
Part Number: SP-20
Price: $1,185.00
Emerson 20 Ton Truck Ramps (Wide)
Part Number: SP-20W
CALL TO ORDER (616) 531-8868
20 Ton Capacity Pair of Wide Truck Ramps
Part Number: 82020
Price: $972.00
20 Ton Capacity Truck Ramps
Part Number: 82019
Price: $708.00
20 Ton Truck Ramps (Pair)
Part Number: OME93200
Price: $1,276.54
20 Ton Wide Stance Truck Ramps
Part Number: 3420ASD
Price: $1,156.21
20 Ton Wide Truck Ramps (Pair)
Part Number: OME93201
Price: $1,465.24
Mahle - CTR-20 - 20 ton Commercial Vehicle Truck Ramps - Non-Skid
Part Number: 485 80021 00
Price: $2,294.00
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Heavy-Duty Truck Ramps & Wide Truck Ramps

Unique Truck Equipment’s selection of heavy-duty truck ramps offers a variety of options that can handle up to 20 tons. Perfect for a variety of maintenance services, our truck ramps are industrial strength and provide the stability to hold even the heaviest vehicles.

These highly portable ramps are sold in pairs and are non-skid, so they’ll hold steady and stable with precision handling and moveability when needed. Outside of fleet needs, these semi-truck ramps are also very popular for smaller vehicles and tractors. Keeping a pair of truck maintenance ramps at the ready replaces the need for a pit or hoist. We feature wide truck ramps for larger tires as well.

Using heavy-duty 20-ton truck ramps, mechanics can confidently maneuver the truck to provide unobstructed access to the underside. Choose your next big truck ramp set from trusted brands like Emerson, MAHLE, and Omega.

Unique Truck is your one-stop shop for truck ramps, steps and safety ladders, electronics and diagnostics, and everything else you need for trucking excellence. Check out our selection of truck ramps today.