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Kiene Wheel Grabber
Part Number: K-1350
Price: $1,695.00
AME RimWit - Truck Wheel and Rim Removal Tool
Part Number: 71650
Price: $820.00
AME RimWit JR - Truck Wheel and Rim Removal Tool for 19.5"
Part Number: 71655
Price: $820.00
Kiene Brake Drum Adaptor for K-1350 Wheel Grabber for Lowboy 12.25" Brakes (WW2210)
Part Number: WW2210
Price: $985.00
Kiene Brake Drum Puller Adapter
Part Number: K-1356
Price: $730.00
Kiene Hub Socket for Wheel Grabber
Part Number: WW2151
Price: $215.00
Kiene Pulling Chain For Wheel Grabber - Individual
Part Number: WW2101
Price: $80.00
Hub Grappler Hydraulic Kit
Part Number: OTC6575-3
Price: $725.31
Hub Grappler Puller
Part Number: 6575-1
Price: $225.26
Hub Tamer to Grappler Update Kit
Part Number: OTC6575-2
Price: $371.21
Kiene Wheel Grabber Extender
Part Number: K-1350-1-EXT
Price: $145.00
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