Engine Stands

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Kiene: Stationary Engine Rebuild Stand
Part Number: 900S
Price: $3,495.00
K-Line Revolving Engine Stand
Part Number: KL30230
Price: $8,250.00
Kiene Mobile Diesel Engine Rebuild Stand -5,000 lb. Capacity
Part Number: 900
Price: $4,125.00
3 Ton (6,000 Lb. Capacity) Diesel Engine Stand
Part Number: 78160
Price: $6,888.00
Hein-Werner Engine Stand - 3 Ton
Part Number: HW93776
Price: $7,335.79
Mahle - CES-6000 - 6,000lb HD ENGINE ROLL-OVER STAND
Part Number: 485 80125 00
Price: $9,081.00
1 Ton Engine Stand
Part Number: SUN8400
Price: $533.61
1,000 LB Capacity Engine Stand w/optional equipment
Part Number: 78100
Price: $478.80
1,250 lbs Capacity Engine Stand w/optional equipment
Part Number: 78108
Price: $702.72
1000 Lb. Capacity Engine Stand
Part Number: 78100i
Price: $357.50
1250 Lb. Capacity Engine Stand
Part Number: 78108i
Price: $422.50
Heavy-Duty Motor-Rotor® Repair Stand, 2000 Lb. Capacity
Part Number: OTC1735B
Price: $1,800.38
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Engine Stand Featured Brands

Diesel Engine Stand FAQs

Q: What should I look for in an engine stand for heavy-duty trucks?

A: When choosing a large engine stand for commercial vehicles, prioritize durability and capacity. The stand should accommodate the weight and size of your truck engine. Look for features like adjustable mounting arms for different engine types and lockable wheels for stability and mobility. Compatibility with engine stand adapters is also crucial for accurately handling specific engine models.

Q: Can engine stands be used for both diagnostics and repairs?

A: Yes, engine stands and their components are designed for safer, more stable inspection purposes, such as diagnosing or performing repairs on heavy-duty truck engines. The sturdy construction and adjustable elements allow mechanics to work safely and comfortably for any task.

Q: How long can an engine sit without being started?

A: An engine can sit without being started for about a month without major issues. Beyond that, it’s advisable to start the engine periodically to circulate the oil and maintain battery life. For longer periods of inactivity, it’s best to use a fuel stabilizer, disconnect the battery, and change the oil before restarting to keep the engine functioning.

Heavy-Duty Truck Engine Stands & Engine Stand Parts

Unique Truck Equipment’s stock of semi-truck engine stands and engine stand parts meet the rigorous demands of the industry. Our products support a range of capacities, from 1,000 pounds to 3 tons, ideal for light-duty to heavy-duty applications.

Heavy-duty engine stands are indispensable for mechanics testing, repairing, or rebuilding fleet components. Whether you need versatile stationary heavy-duty diesel engine stands for shop work or mobile solutions for field repairs, we ensure you’re equipped for any challenge, including additional essential jacks and lifting equipment.

Standard repair and engine storage stands support engines during maintenance or repairs. They are capable of handling significant weight and feature adjustable mounts for versatility. Rebuild stands are best for disassembling and reassembling engines, providing stable support and easy access to engine components.

Roll-over engine stands enable 360-degree engine rotation, providing complete access for intensive rebuilds and inspections. Revolving or rotating engine stands facilitate quicker cleaning and assembly by allowing the engine to turn around at a fixed point. For off-vehicle diagnostics and performance testing, mobile engine testing stations are fully equipped with technology and tools for comprehensive engine checks.

Extend your engine maintenance capabilities with our selection of engine stand mounts and engine stand adapters suitable for major brands like Cummins, John Deere, Mack, and Volvo. Choose Unique Truck Equipment for all your fleet needs, from shop maintenance and truck diagnostic tools to must-have parts and accessories.

Engine Stand Type Overview:

  • Mobile Engine Testing Stations: Provide off-vehicle diagnostics and performance testing
  • Rebuild Stands: Stable support and easy access to components to make disassembling and reassembling engines more manageable
  • Repair/Engine Storage Stands: Support large engines and include adjustable mounts that provide flexibility and stability for safer maintenance
  • Revolving/Rotating Engine Stands: Allow fixed-point engine rotation that facilitates quicker cleaning or assembly
  • Roll-Over Engine Stands: Allow 360-degree rotation for complete engine access during rebuilds and inspections