Hand Riveters and Kits

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1/4" Super Duty Riveter with Extended Nose
Part Number: SGT19830
Price: $62.35
13 in Nut/Thread Hand Riveter Kit with Nosepiece Set
Part Number: AST1442
Price: $74.52
13" Heavy Duty Riveter
Part Number: TIT15050
Price: $70.86
3/16 HyDraulic Air Riveter
Part Number: WLMM680
Price: $100.66
Air Hydraulic Rivet Gun 1/4
Part Number: KTI89115
Price: $226.98
Air Power Riveter
Part Number: HUCAK175A
Price: $374.20
Air Riveter 1/4" Capacity
Part Number: ASTPR14
Price: $108.30
Hand Riveter
Part Number: HUCHK150A
Price: $223.21
Marson® Big Daddy® Riveter with Special Nosepieces
Part Number: MAR39010
Price: $132.97
Mason® Big Daddy® Riveter with Extended Nosepiece
Part Number: MAR39035
Price: $150.31
Metric Nut Setting Accessories Kit
Part Number: HUC205401
Price: $61.46
Nose Extension Kit for HK&AK
Part Number: HUC205490
Price: $61.46
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