Cooling System Testers

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Airlift Heavy Duty
Part Number: UVU550500HD
Price: $146.25
Coolant/Battery Refractometer
Part Number: ROB75240
Price: $49.57
Cooling System Pressure Tester
Part Number: OTC7991
Price: $95.23
Hand-Held Refractometer With Auto Temperature Compensation
Part Number: FJC43910
Price: $79.00
Heavy-Duty Digital DEF Tester
Part Number: OTC3095
Price: $447.14
OTC DEF Refractometer
Part Number: OTC5025
Price: $69.37
VersaVac Radiator Pressure Tester and Coolant Dam
Part Number: 160300
Price: $418.05
Coolant System Test, Diagnostic and Refill Kit
Part Number: MITMV4525
Price: $216.28
Cooling System Air Evac and Refill Kit
Part Number: MITMV4535
Price: $130.76
Cooling System and Pressure Cap Tester
Part Number: STN12270
Price: $71.65
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