Save-A-Deer Whistle

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The Save-A-Deer whistle is an animal alert and acts as a warning device to prevent car to animal collisions.

Product Information:

The Save-A-Deer whistle is the best air-activated animal alert on the market today. When mounted to a vehicle, car, truck, or motorcycle traveling 35 mph or faster, the deer whistle emits a sound alerting deer, moose, and elk of the approaching vehicle. Upon detection of the sound, animals will often freeze in their tracks avoiding a potentially deadly vehicle collision. The whistle should be inspected occasionally for blockage and proper mounting

Features and Benefits:

  • Dimensions: 3/4" Wide, 3/4" tall, and 1" long.  Low profile, less than 1 cubic inch.
  • Installs in seconds. Flexible Mounting allows the whistle to be mounted upside down if desired. It can be hidden in the grill or under the bumper.
  • Durable material and construction stands up to weather extremes including car washes.
  • Excellent sound range due to flow-through design.
  • Tested in high-density deer population areas.
  • The self-cleaning flow through construction reduces the chances of clogging.
  • Made in the USA

Potential uses:

Everyday motorists, utility companies, waste haulers, emergency vehicles, law enforcement, over-the-road truck drivers, common carriers, corporate fleets, and motorcyclists.