Heavy-Duty Trailer Diagnostic Adapter Kit W/ Power Cable

Part Number: 122511
Price: $825.00
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

The Heavy-Duty Trailer Diagnositic Adapter Kit contains the Noregon Trailer Diagnostic Adapter and the cables required for a technician to test, diagnose and initiate repair on a heavy-duty trailer ABS systems. This kit also contains the new J560 Power Supply Cable which allows connection directly to the trailer using a secondary power source—like a battery—to energize the trailer's multi‑pole connector.

What's Included:

Noregon Trailer Diagnostic Adapter

  • Noregon's Heavy-Duty Trailer Diagnostic Adapter lets you connect to a heavy-duty trailer's ABS system to run diagnostics. Comes with a 3 year limited warranty on the adapter

  • PLC J560 Cable with T Connector

  • Noregon's PLC J560 Cable with T Connector is a 7-way diagnostic interface adapter that allows for connecting to the trailer's ABS system through the 7-way interface at the nose of trailers in order to perform diagnostics. For use with March, 2001 and later production models.

  • J560 Power Supply Cable

  • J560 Power Supply Cable allows connection directly to the trailer using a secondary power source to energize the trailer multi-pole connector.

    USB Cable

  • USB Cable for connection from your JPRO® Data Link Adapter to your PC. Measures 15' in length.

  • JPRO DLA+ Carrying Case

  • This rugged and durable case is to keep your adapter and cables organized and protected from the elements of the service bay environment.
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