Slick'em (2 Gal in 5 Gal Bucket)

Slick'em (2 Gal in 5 Gal Bucket)
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Price: $33.97
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Gaither’s Slick’em tire lubricant is excellent for mounting / demounting applications. Slick’em lubricates the entire wheel allowing a better fit between the tire and the wheel. This product doesn’t contain silicone or petroleum solvents, which prevents damage and premature aging of tires.

Excellent Lubrication. Superior “Tack” and Bead Sealing qualities. Reduces tire/rim slippage. Concentrated; water soluble, can be diluted. Near neutral PH factor. Contains Rust Inhibitors. Non Toxic, Environmentally Friendly. Fully certified.

Two gallons of concentrated product inside of a five gallon mixing pail. Simply fill with water, stir and create five gallons.