Gaither: Super Slick'Em Case of (4) 1-Gallon Bottles

Gaither: Super Slick'Em
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Gaither's Super Slick'Em is a lubricant designed especially for use on truck tires. It became part of Gaither's Bead Saver System because of its amazing penetrating ability that aids in breaking beads down on old wheels.

Slick'Em should be applied between the tire bead and wheel before releasing the air from the tire. The secret formula eats rust and grease between the tire and wheel making the breakdown process a snap.

There is no mixing with water. It is a vegetable oil based lubricant that will prevent rust use after use. Super Slick'em coats the wheel with a very even layer of lubrication to guarantee an easy dismount/mount with absolutely no bead damage.

Case of (4) 1-gallon bottles