OTC: Truck King Pin & Brake Anchor Pin Pusher

Part Number: 4240A
Price: $2,148.26
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

Features and Benefits:

  • Five special collars and two pins allow this unit to work on both straight and tapered kingpins and accommodates sizes from 7/8" to 2" in diameter and up to 11-1/4" long
  • Tool delivers 30 tons of hydraulic force to push out even the most corroded kingpins
  • The anchor pin can be removed quickly by using the special adapter installed in the pusher's base block and the unit positioned over the brake's spider
  • Works on many models of trucks and buses
  • 27-1/2" high X 8-1/2" wide; 30 ton capacity

With this pin remover, hydraulic force and precision tooling replace torch-and-hammer methods for getting the job done quickly and easily.