International® Engines Application for Nexiq Pro-Link iQ

Pro-Link iQ" International® Engines
Part Number: 880010
Price: $699.97
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

1994 - 2006

The Pro-Link iQ" International® Engines Application provides reprogramming and diagnostic capability for International® electronic systems. With the combined power of the easy-to-use Pro-Link iQ" and the functionality of the International® application, service bay technicians experience unprecedented out-of-the-box productivity.

Supports all pre-EPA 07 International electronic engines.


  • Easy to use
    • Reduces training required for set-up and/or software usage
  • Portable
    • More portable than a laptop providing the Mobile Maintenance operator with the ideal solution
  • No interface cable setup
    • No messing with cables and adapter setup

Basic Functions

  • Read Fault Codes
  • Clear Fault Codes
  • View Engine Data

Advanced Features

Diagnostic Tests

  • KOEO Key On Engine Off
  • KOER Key On Engine Running
  • KOEO Injector Buzz Test
  • KOER Injector Contribution Test
  • Cylinder Cutout Test  (Dual box ECMs only)
  • Injector Disable Tests (Dual box ECMs only)

Display and change configurable Parameters

  • Crank Inhibit
  • Fan Control
  • Idle Shutdown Timer
  • Warm-up Device
  • Warning and Protection System
  • Hydraulic Pressure Governor
  • PTO Control
  • Radiator Shutter
  • Vehicle Speed Limit
  • Vehicle Retarder
  • Two Speed Axle
  • Traction Control