Clayton Truck Brake Washer BCE-400

Clayton: BCE400 Brake Washer
Part Number: 85BCE400
Price: $1,064.00
Ships Direct From Manufacturer
Features of the Clayton Brake Washers:
Air Powered Pump - Requires no electricity. Can be operated in the field using compress air from the truck's compressor. After removing the tires, the technician connects the air supply hose to the washer to begin cleaning.
Safety Drying Gun - After Cleaning, technicians can dry the brakes before applying lubrication to the shoes. No time is lost waiting for cleaners to dry.
Flow-Thru Brush - New parts cleaning brush features stiff, durable bristles for extended life and vigorous cleaning action. Double-shut-off quick disconnect coupling.
Injector Nozzle - Flexible wand to flush the drum before removing it. Suppressing the dust before removal prevents exposure to hazardous dust even if the hammer is needed to free the drum.
Air Regulator - Limits air pressure to 32 PSI; eliminates the need to adjust or otherwise regulate shop air pressure.
Care Free Dispolsal System - Solid Wast: As simple as throwing out the trash. Wastewater: Follow operating instructions and just pour it down the drain. Guidebook included with each machine.

Cleans brakes of heavy-duty tactical vehicles, commercial trucks and off-highway equipment services on safety stands.
Specifically designed for heavy duty use - low profile, only 11" high, lets technicians easily roll under truck axles and work with heavy buses and trucks.
Handle folds down so it doesn't interfere when washer is being used.
Large Work Area - 23" x 21.25" x 8" (58cm x 54cm x 20cm) basin is large enough to catch the run off of liquid from large truck drums. The vinyl-clad grill will support up to 200 pounds (90 kg).
Galvanized steel dolly keeps the unit strong and stable.
Large industrial-strength casters make for easy movement throughout the shop.
Polyethylene plastic basin will not rust, chip or dent.
Rugged construction stands up to the daily rigors and rough handling common to heavy vehicle repair facilities.
Comes with one 1-litre bottle of T-N-T Plus