Meyer Low Profile Transmission Jack TTJ3 - 1.5 Ton

1.5 Ton Low Profile Transmission Jack
Part Number: 16200
Price: $2,598.98
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The unique spread leg design allows the bottom of transmission pans to be lowered within 3 1/2" of the shop floor. Competitive jacks average 9 1/2 ".

Lifting and tilting controls are designed with the operator in mind. A detachable transport handle makes moving a heavy load simple.


  • 3000 pound capacity 
  • Wide base, solid lifting platform and unique cradling structure assure uncompromised stability and safety in lifting.
  • The rugged new wedge design features the legs sloping down toward the front casters and a pump that tilts out of the way when the jack rolls under a low-slung object, such as a rear differential housing
  • Includes (2) 1/4" x 96" Cradle Chains


  • Can securely handle all heavy-duty transmissions within its weight class including awkward 5-speeds, automatics and long-bodied Macks and Spicers 
  • Can safely handle drivetrain components when used with optional drivetrain handler


  • Transmissions
  • Power Dividers
  • FWD Vehicle Engines
  • Transaxles
  • Fuel Tanks

The new 16275 Lifting Saddle Assembly (NSN 2510-01-509-1903) easily handles the massive Allison 3070 PT transmission with its offset tranfer case for the military's new FMTV vehicles.*Designed only for use with the 16200 Transmission Jack (NSN 4910-01-396-5044)  Technicians can now work safely with the MD 3070 PT without being forced to remove any vehicle components or raise the FMTV

For its proven effectiveness in the field, the U.S. government has assigned National Stock Numbers (NSN).

  • 16200 *NSN 4910-01-396-5044
  • 16100 *NSN 4910-01-396-5045
  • 16275 *NSN 2510-01-509-1903

Allison 3070  PT Transmission Adapter Available