Goldak 777-A Leak Detector

Part Number: 777A
Price: $2,022.76
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Model 777-A Leak Detector

Pin-Point Underground Leaks with Industry's Most Accurate and Proven Leak Detector

Plumbers, contractors, water works personnel, and plant maintenance people have continually sought specialized equipment and improved techniques for detecting and pinpointing underground water leaks. The Model 777-A leak detector meets this requirement in a simple and efficient manner, utilizing the proven theory that leaks in water systems under pressure create mechanical vibrations that travel along the pipe and at right angles to it (to the surface). The operator simply touches the microphone probe to the pipe being tested and to all exposed fittings, such as hydrants, shut-offs, valve stems, water meters, faucets, etc. The microphone converts these mechanical vibrations to electrical impulses that are then amplified and displayed on the meter as the “sounds” of the leak can be heard in the headphones. The water leak is then localized by comparing readings and sounds from a series of detection points on the water system. Pinpointing is accomplished by reading through the pavement or floor using the ultra sensitive microphone.


  • Aluminum instrument housing contains circuitry, controls and meter.
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs
  • Dimensions: 3” x 6” x 10”
  • Batteries: 6 “AA”
  • Ultra sensitive microphone to detect a wide range of water leak sounds and convert them into electrical impulses which are then amplified and displayed
  • Large sensitive meter to display leak “sounds” and indicate battery condition
  • Padded stereo headphones to reproduce leak sounds and effectively shut out external noises.
  • Wide-range controls to adjust amplifier gain, meter sensitivity and filter frequency
  • Filter range: 20 Hz - 500 Hz on “Lo”, 20 Hz - 3.5 KHz on “Hi”
  • Hi-impact foam lined plastic carrying case (20” x 16” x 8”)

The Model 777-A leak detector is a light, durable, sensitive instrument which will quickly provide accurate leak locations and eliminate false indications and “dry” holes. In the design of the Model 777-A careful consideration has been given to the sounds, frequencies, and critical characteristics of underground water leaks. The frequency filter control on the instrument control panel enables the operator to properly match the instrument to the specific frequency of the water leak being detected. By designing a sensitive audio circuit the sounds of the water leak are accurately reconstructed to further assist the operator in quickly pinpointing subsurface water leaks.