OTC: Horizontal DPF Handler

OTC: Horizontal DPF Handler
Part Number: J-47399
Price: $1,111.80
Ships Direct From Manufacturer
• The Universal mounting assembly adjusts, front to back and side to
side for easy DPF handling
• The height range of 6-1⁄2" to 29-1⁄2" is usable for most of today's trucks
• Safety strap holds the load securely while moving about the shop
• Size allows for handling of all known DPFs
Overall Length: 34-1⁄2"
Overall Width: 19-3⁄8"
Max. Height: 29-3⁄4"
Min. Height: 7-1⁄2"
Side: 30°
Tilt Front: 15°
Back: 15°