The Pre-Trip Inspection Tool

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CSA Compliance at your fingertips!

Save time and money by performing your pre-trip, post-trip and P.M. Inspections all with one handy tool that can fit easily in your pocket or on your keychain. The Pre-Trip Inspection Tool will allow you to perform instant visual inspections on tire tread depth, brake stroke, brake shoe thickness, and windshield damage. Every driver, mechanic and maintenance manager should be equipped with the Pre-Trip Inspection Tool. Easy to to use, easy to store.

For Drivers: Let The Pre-Trip Inspection Tool find your out-of compliance service items before the DOT does.

For Maintenance Managers: Audit your technicians P.M. inspections and audit tire and brake shoe takeoffs.

For Technicians: This go-no-go gauge is simple to use and it eliminates the guess work in doing a proper inspection.

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TESTIMONIAL:  "During a roadside inspection I avoided a citation for the chip in my windshield.  Using my Pre-Trip Inspection Tool I measured the chip and showed the officer the it was less than 3/4" he let me go with no citation.  I love this tool"  (Jon Hope - Rowdy Farms)