NEXIQ Technologies

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NEXIQ USB Link 3 Wired Vehicle Interface 121054
Part Number: 121054
Price: $780.00
NEXIQ USB Link 3 Wireless Vehicle Interface - 121052
Part Number: 121052
Price: $805.00
NEXIQ 188080 Pocket HD Heavy Duty Handheld Scan Tool
Part Number: 188080
Price: $1,425.00
NEXIQ 188080DPF Pocket HD Heavy Duty Handheld Scan Tool With DPF
Part Number: 188080DPF
Price: $1,675.00
NEXIQ ABS Software Suite for Pocket HD
Part Number: 918021
Price: $720.00
NEXIQ eTechnician 2.8 Heavy Duty Trucks Diagnostic Software
Part Number: 859000
Price: $2,295.00
NEXIQ HD/LMT DPF Software for Pocket HD
Part Number: 917022
Price: $410.00
NEXIQ Pocket HD with Complete ABS and HD/LMT DPF Software
Part Number: 798021
Price: $2,050.00
NEXIQ DOC Aftertreatment Service Kit
Part Number: 307000
Price: $200.95
NEXIQ Pocket HD School Bus Kit
Part Number: 918019
Price: $3,100.00
NEXIQ J560 Universal PLC Adapter - 604120
Part Number: 604120
Price: $311.95
12 Pin Adapter for NEXIQ USB Link 2 & 3
Part Number: 493003
Price: $72.95
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NEXIQ Technologies Heavy Duty Diagnostics FAQs

Q: How do I install NEXIQ diagnostic software?

A: Installing NEXIQ software is straightforward. After purchasing NEXIQ software, you will be able to download the program. An activation code will be sent via email. Use the activation code to enable your NEXIQ software. NEXIQ diagnostic software is user-friendly and hassle-free.

Q: Can I use NEXIQ with multiple trucks in my fleet?

A: Yes, NEXIQ is compatible with various truck models. You can use NEXIQ products across your entire fleet, ensuring consistent diagnostics and maintenance.

Q: What NEXIQ support and updates come with their products?

A: NEXIQ Technologies offers ongoing support and regular software updates, keeping your diagnostic tools up-to-date and ensuring optimal performance for years.

NEXIQ Technologies Heavy-Duty Diagnostics

Discover the cutting-edge world of NEXIQ Technologies at Unique Truck Equipment. Our extensive selection of NEXIQ diagnostic software and hardware, including the best-selling NEXIQ USB Link 3, caters to the needs of heavy-duty truck fleets. With NEXIQ, unlock unparalleled diagnostic capabilities using the latest technologies, ensuring your vehicles operate at peak performance.

Explore our comprehensive NEXIQ product lineup and uncover the power of advanced diagnostics and innovative solutions that seamlessly work with your existing systems. NEXIQ's renowned reliability has fostered customer loyalty within the industry. Keep your fleet running smoothly with our in-stock, ready-to-ship NEXIQ products. Upgrade your heavy-duty truck management by shopping NEXIQ at Unique Truck Equipment!