Texa Multi-Brand Truck Diagnostic Kit w/ Navigator TXTs

Price: $4,470.00
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

The Texa Truck Kit with Navigator TXTs is a multibrand diagnostic tool. The kit includes:

  • Texa Navigator TXTs D072A1
  • Texa IDC5 Truck Software P13020
  • American Truck Type-II Cable 3906978
  • Texa I-Support-Truck TIT07


IDC5 is the latest generation of Texa's operating system. The interface makes navigating the various steps in maintenance and repair procedures more intuitive. IDC5's interactive wiring diagrams use animations of a system's devices and features an interactive map generated to show signal flow. Vehicle parameters can also be viewed and managed with all new functionality.

TGS3s Global System Scan

The TGS3s automatically scans all the accessible control units on the vehicle. The system quickly recognises the ECUs and accesses the relevant diagnostics

After scanning, TGS3s immediatly displays any errors detected on the vehicle along with the relevante error codes and descriptions. You can read and reset errors with a single click. Autodiagnostics can run on selected systems directly from the error detection screen.

Vehicle Check-Up

The Vehicle Check-Up function allows you to diagnose all the control units with one operation on many makes/models.

Vehicle Check-Up satisfies the operational needs of modern electro mechanics since it allows a complete check of the vehicle's electronic system.

Automatic Vehicle Search

Vehicle Search quickly identifies the model of vehicle you are working on and can be used in the following ways:

  • VIN code search - With the diagnostic tool connected to the vehicle the VIN is retrieved and then the model is selected from IDC5's software database.
  • Engine number search - The vehicle can be identified by entering the engine number
  • Registration number search - Find and load data for any vehicle saved in IDC5's Customer Management database by entering the complete or partial registration number.

The Vehicle Search function also lets you run a model-specific scan directly from the vehicle selection menu by touching a button alongside the make.


Exclusive for Truck and Off-Highway is the IDC5 Dashboard. Dashboard displays the vehicle's engineering parameters, mechanical components and system operating logic.

Navigator TXTS

The Texa Navigator TXTs is a full diagnostic interface unit that can operate on any type of vehicle and with PASSTHRU protocol. It is equipped with shock-absorbing bumpers and OBD interface cable, USB cable, Bluetooth antenna, tool-holding belt, and installation manual.

The Navigator TXTs is a powerful multibrand diagnostics and autodiagnostics tool that connects directly to the vehicle's diagnostic socket, and communicates via Bluetooth with Axone Nemo, Aone 4 Mini and MultiPegaso display units, or alternatively with a Windows PC.