Deckmate RDM-5 Rub Rail Ladder

Part Number: 12785
Price: $295.00
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With its tough steel construction boasting a 400 pound capacity, truck drivers love using the deckmate ladder. Weighing in at only 20 pounds, it's both durable and light.

At 18 inches wide, the Deckmate extends to a generous 53 inches. It offers practical access to heavy loads, yet it folds away to a neat 33 inches and hangs at a convenient working angle.

With Deckmate, the focus is preventing injuries. The unique hinge design prevents pinching fingers and clothes. The ladder also features powder-coated paint, anti-skid and rubber stoppers to avoid chipping and pinching.

On flatbed trailers, the Deckmate hooks to the rub rails and will not slide, tip or blow over in the wind. For vans, straight trucks and dump trucks without rub-rails, a bolt-on bracket is easily installed. The bracket is set 2.5 inches away from the trailers and does not affect doors or deck plates.


  • Hooks easily to the rub rail
  • Includes handle for additional leverage
  • Portable, only 30" when folded
  • Lightweight, only 20 pounds
  • Anti-skid steps
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