WAR-LOK:King Pin Lock

WAR-LOK:King Pin Lock
Part Number: 76060
Price: $98.97
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For dropped trailers, we offer the WAR-LOK King Pin Lock. Most king pin locks are ineffective in preventing and deterring a full trailer/container theft. The reality today is that these types of theft are occurring several times a day throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. With little to no secured parking available to truck operators, drop trailers with no king pin lock or a simple truck stop king pin lock installed are easy prey for cargo thieves. Only a quality king pin lock such as the War-Lok King Pin Lock is an effective deterrent. Our King Pin Lock was designed with the help of industry professionals and law enforcement who know how and why cheaper over the counter king pin locks are not effective. Utilizing their knowledge, our engineers designed a conical shaped king pin lock that is lighter than most high-end king pin locks and wide enough to deflect the fifth wheel plate of a tractor modified to steal trailers. The King Pin Lock comes with hi quality, durable silver paint. A special key** opens and closes the King Pin Lock.

For fleets, the King Pin Locks can be keyed alike, individually, or master keyed. (Orders of 50 or more may also be master keyed).

The WAR-LOK King Pin Lock fits "Standard" King Pins of 2-7/8 inch diameter.

All components are made of chrome plated hardened steel, brass, or stainless steel. Up to 260 million key combinations are possible and one master key can open 20,000 different locks.

The WAR-LOK is pick resistant, drill resistant and key duplication is virtually impossible.